STM32-P405 Board Power up



A very nice feature of this board is that the JTAG controller also provides power to the board, thus saving on the amount of cabling needed in the development environment.

First remove the board from the packaging observing standard ESD procedures, the board comes with 4 rubber pegs you can use to mount the board on a flat surface. The board is packaged in a flip lid cardboard box, the board sits quite snugly in this box so I tend to leave it there in situ. This also makes it very easy to carry around to other locations, just remove the JTAG connector and flip the lid.

Connecting the JTAG connector to the STM32 board and a USB port will result in the red power indicator LED lighting up, as shown above, if everything is OK.

Assuming the power indicator LED is lit, the next step is setting up a development environment suitable for this board.