STM32-P405 Introduction


The STM32-P405 is an embedded development board produced by Olimex Ltd. featuring an ARM Cortex M4F processor. A JTAG programming/debugging device can also be ordered from Olimex LTD, and supports the OpenOCD (Open On Chip Debugger) package.

STM32-P405 Documentation

Links to useful doumentation, it is recommended to download these documents for further reference

STM32-P405 Board Power up

Power up the board

STM32-P405 Development Environment

Set up the software and hardware development environment

STM32-P405 Startup Code – Quick Start

Example startup code which can be uploaded to the board and debugged/executed via GDB and JTAG

STM32-P405 Startup Code – In Detail

Detailed explanation of startup code

STM32-P405 – Startup Code Build System

Create a build system to automate ELF file generation and GDB initialisation

STM32-P405 Startup Code – Adding a C module

Add the ability to link C modules and examine the startup behaviour of the Cortex-M4 processor